Most religions propose purpose of life, but it can’t be justified by reason

Life is much easier for believers who are provided with purpose of life by their religion than for fully rational being who need to find it. It is impossible to summarize whole religion into one sentence, but let me point out the essence:

  • For Christians, the purpose of life it is to seek divine salvation through the grace of God and intercession of Christ1.
  • For Muslims, it is to acknowledge, conform to and worship the one almighty god.
  • Buddhists aim to end suffering caused by our attachment to perishable things and people.
  • For Hindus the purpose of life is basically to end the cycle of reincarnations.

Even though many life principles from these religions (and Buddhism especially) can be justified by logic, the fundamental underlying purpose relies on belief in something that cannot be proven. Therefore any reasoning derived from a foundation of belief cannot convince people that solely rely on fact and reason.

  1. Source: Bible  

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