Nobody else will take care of us

We are responsible for our own life.

People got used to relying on someone or something higher to take care of us. If we need food, some company will produce it for us. If we become sick, the medical system and insurance companies will take care of us. If we are threatened, Police will help us. If we become unemployed, the social system steps in. If there is economic crisis, the central bank and government will restore prosperity.
Unfortunately the systems we rely on all have very short-term incentives1 so they do not protect us from a long-term failure and will not supply us with our needs if our civilization faces existential crisis. When there is a major catastrophe and these fragile systems collapse, there will be no one else to take care of us…

…except for God as some people hope. Whether God exists or not, we can’t expect that any higher entity has any special interest in our well-being2 or survival3. The widespread belief in God actually further hampers our survival chances, because many religious people do not care about survival too much due to their reliance on God. In fact, most religions expect some doomsday and one could even say that they are looking forward to it, because that is supposed to be the day when they will be saved and non-believers perish. Why should they try to prevent doomsday from coming?

If we can’t rely on corporations, can’t rely on the government, can’t rely on God and can’t rely on most religious people, there is only quite a limited number of us who have the proper incentives to ensure our long-term survival. It is a tough task so we have to work hard and together towards it.

  1. Companies want to make profit this quarter, politicians in governments want to get reelected in several years.  
  2. There has been so much human suffering including wars, epidemics and other hardships in the past that no God prevented so there is no reason to think there will be no more suffering also in the future.  
  3. God is our ignorance  

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