We seek happiness on top of survival, yet there is no happiness without survival

Our culture has become obsessed with the pursuit of happiness. Yet “happiness cannot actually be pursued but must ensue from living a meaningful life”1.

We feel that even though survival is essential, life should not only be about surviving. For most organisms, the purpose of life and all their derived goals and activities are actually rather limited to surviving. But highly successful organisms are efficient in reducing time required for survival and have some extra time to spend. The natural way of spending this time is for own well-being, or happiness as people call it. While microorganisms rarely cease to look for nutrition, lion can afford to rest most of the day.

Even though important to recharge our energy for surviving, happiness and especially pleasure should not be mistaken for the purpose of life. Fortunately many actions that contribute to survival are rewarded by happiness, short-term actions with short-term happiness, and long-term actions with long-term happiness. The very act of reproduction, sex, gives us pleasure, a short-term happiness. Raising healthy and successful children rewards us with a more stable sort of happiness. But ensuring sustainability of mankind offers the long-term satisfaction of living a purposeful life that you can hold on to when you become too old for sex and children have left home to live their own lives.

Survival does not guarantee happiness, but it enables happiness. There won’t be any happiness if we don’t survive.

  1. Finding by a famous psychologist Viktor E. Frankl in his book “Man’s Search for Meaning”  

The natural Purpose of life is Sustainable survival

We need to protect survival to achieve our purpose

Life without purpose makes little sense and is unlikely to yield long-term happiness.

We should think about our purpose now because we can’t turn back time later once we realize we wasted our time doing something meaningless.

Many people confuse goals for purpose or believe in irrational purpose.

The natural rational purpose of life of any living organism including human is sustainable survival.

We seek happiness on top of survival, yet there is no happiness without survival

Our survival is threatened, because we are unsustainably destroying environment and becoming vulnerable to a global catastrophe.

Steep decline is inevitable and the likelihood keeps increasing every day.

Nobody else will take care of us.

But we can live meaningful life by preserving the environment and building more robust systems and thus increasing our chances for sustainable survival.

You can start living purposeful life today.

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